challenge 6 share

From the very first time in the class when I found out we had to use social media to complete the home work it was weird. I always thought we had to stay away from social media such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and snapchat while we were doing homework. But I found that it can be useful using these types of social media and put them to good use while your doing home work. Using the digital citizenship has taught me how to use it effectively for doing research for anything. when it comes to political issues and world issues I can use Facebook. If I wanted to look up something just simply typing a hash tag on Instagram and I can get images quick. I can even try to get the attention of someone running a campaign on twitter about anything just by tweeting to him or her multiple times in till they tweet me back. These were mainly the three types of social media that helped me get the information I needed for some of the work I tried looking for. Some ideas that will probably help me hopefully in the future is using social media as a resource to gather all kinds of information. From also reading the book digital citizenship I found useful techniques and other stuff I didn’t know about. I also found out how many people all over the world are using the internet to get connected with each other. I mean I knew that they do but in a more useful way to get information about campaigns and other issues that are happening all over the world. I think thats pretty cool because now people know whats going on all over. You can find out also if you have some things in common in your society that is happening lets say somewhere in Australia that is the same thing. I remember one of my teachers saying that she used Facebook and posted something about some certain type of cancer and she got a lot of comments about that certain type from people all over the world who were trying to help her. Its a great way to get in connect with other people with different backgrounds also because you get to know about their problems.  I also learned how to keep a safe digital citizenship and not sharing that much personal information for the right or wrong reasons. Many people still fear that you can get hacked or someone trying to use your identity. But all you got to do is  just put the information you, yourself, want people to know about you and you won’t have a problem. I feel like in the future I can use everything  learned in this class in good use. I don’t want one day just putting my name and something bad happens that I did. So thats why Im going to make good decisions so if they put my name on Google something good pops out.

Challenge 5 pt 2

This challenge is about engaging and researching more about the topic we chose in social media sites. The topic that I chose was Refugee Crisis which is one of the big problems in the world we have. I started to think which social media site I would use, so I logged onto my Facebook account which i hardly use and finally used it for a good cause. I also used my Instagram account to find out more about refugee crisis. In face book I saw so many posts about refugee crises when i typed it in. It was almost every hour someone was making a new a post and alerting the world what is happening in their own countries. There are a few posts I’m going to focus on for this week, next weeks and hopefully in the future is about a post on how kids arrive by themselves in other countries. Its still sad too see that kids leaving their countries with no parents because of whats going on in their countries. But when I was reading the post most of the kids traveling by themselves were with their parents but they just disappeared on the way. Most of the kids that fled the country to get to another were between the ages of 14-17. They mostly fled because of poverty issues, recruitment of soldiers, war, getting kidnapped to be suicide bombers, and deaths of family members. The most posts I also saw were posts on how to help refugee crisis and how can you donate cloths, money and foo to those that need it. I was really looking into some of those posts because it be neat helping some of the refugee crisis kids that are suffering in other parts of the world. On Instagram there was a picture that really meant something to me it was a picture of a kid staring at a boat and it said,” No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” ( Warsen Shire). To me that meant that the child is safe in the water because they are either beiing shipped to another place for safety or someone for sure is going to find them and put them at least a better place where the war isn’t going on. Its sad to see kids suffering in these kind of situations. I think about it sometimes and see how can the world be so cruel to a young child and treating them badly. I hope to participate someday in some kind of help to save kids from refugee crisis in the future. Hopefully in these days till next week I engage in some kind of activity like that.

challenge 3 component 3

What I did this week is search my topic ” Refugee Crisis” on twitter and Facebook. The first thing is I typed it in twitter and it popped up a lot of tweets about refugee crisis and updating every once in a while about a problem in the world. The one that got me the most was a recent tweet that happened and it was a man carrying a young boy which I think it was his son not to sure maybe his nephew. But it got to me because its sad seeing that there are young kid also suffering and having to move to different countries because of problems that are happening where they live. Its really a sad thing to imagine a kid fleeing with his family. Sometimes its just the kids that leave their own family at a really young age and have to travel by themselves. . On Facebook I found a post where it took you to a website that was about the European Commission and Turkey forming a plan on helping the refugees in their country. They also finding other ways on how to come up with the money so they can create more centers in there country.  A lot more other post showed up about how many countries are trying to solve this problem and how can they help refugees in their own country when they cross the border.   Still some countries are strict on refugees coming in from different countries and some are boosting up their security rates and guards to stop them.

crisis refugee articles

The assignment was to use google scholar and the library database from our school. When I typed my topic Refugee Crisis on Google Scholar it gave me a lot of articles about it. It also gave me various pages from books about my topic. I chose an article where it talked about a Earthquake that happened in South Asia and how it left many deaths and many homeless after the natural disaster.  It also talked about the estimate of the damage and how the United States came upon and helped them out. Also how the damage still affected six months late because of how poor the place where it happen is it was difficult for people to find homes, food and other stuff they need.  The other article I chose from google scholar talked about some lessons from foreign refugee crisis on what to do after a natural disaster comes and hits wherever you are. Also talked about how many countries help each other after a disaster happens.  It talked about mainly on how it affected hurricane Katrina and how people deeply suffered without water, food and shelter. The other article I found was about Syrians in the U.S and how they came here because of whats going on in their countries. it talked about the camps they had and how U.S is helping them live over here.  The U.S spends a lot of money helping these refugees but its for a good cause. Many countries don’t help that much due to lack of money.

challenge 3 post 1

Our assignment was to do research on one of the following topics we were assigned to do. I decided to do my research on refugee crisis because I wanted to learn more about then what I wanted to know. Also, using what i learned in the crap detection will help me figure out if the website was credible or not. so the first search engine I used was Google. I typed in Refugee Crisis and it gave me a  good amount of news articles and even tweets for refugee crisis.  It gave me some credible sources like Fox News and CNN that were uploaded 6 hours ago. The next search engine I used was bing. I never really use bing because I’m so used to just using Google. When I typed in refugee crisis in bing I got some credible sites and some that were crap. On this one website I found it looked unprofessional and had a lot of pop ups that I had to exit. I thought I was going to get a virus or something just for opening this website. The third search engine I used was doggrel. I never heard of it but i wanted to give it a try and see what I could find. I found a lot of websites that looked phony and still gave me ads and it looked like they just uploaded a while ago. The only one that gave me valid site would have to be google.

Social issues

Social issues are a big problem that affect everyone in the world, including university students. Every year us as the world try to solve these problems and how we can fix them. But every time we fix one or try to another problem comes up or another problem just keeps getting worse. Three social issues i am going to write about are Homelessness, Drug trafficking, and School money.

Homelessness has always been a social problem but now I see that there is more homelessness then years ago. I think homelessness is a problem because people start losing their jobs, people gamble, addictions and some just decide not to do anything. When I little I use to go to L.A a lot well I still do with my grandma and we use to walk these streets to get where ever we had to go. I would see tons and tons of people that were homeless in the streets. It would scare me and make me sad because I didn’t know how people can be so homeless or without a job. but when I started getting older i realized because some were addicted or just got laid off from a job. But to me I think they can move on from that and find more jobs. Theres basically jobs anywhere even if its not in your major as a college students jobs are pretty much easy to find. of course no one wants a hard job everyone wants the easy way to get money but if someone really wanted to get a job they go and find one.

Another Social issue is drug trafficking . Drugs  has also always been a major issue this is also a problem in colleges. Its really scary knowing this is happening in the world because we worry about the safety of our loved ones if they get involved in either of those types of issues. Some of the issues are the legalization of marijuana in states if it should be legal or not.  That way they can reduce drug trafficking, violence and even HIV thats if your using needles and sharing them.  Many colleges have had suffered consequence from drug overdosing in their student body.  We need to protect all of ourselves from this because their are dangers to drugs.

The third social issue is school money. School tuition and fees are a big problem for college students because we don’t have enough money to pay for schools. Every year I believe they raise the price for school tuition and it just keeps getting expensive from books, to parking permits and to housing where ever you live. Most students do qualify for finical aid some don’t. Some have to work jobs and try to get all the help they can. Some have to get loans and hope in the future that they can pay it off so they don’t go broke from owing all the money back to the government.

Digital footprint

When I did the ” My digital foot print” I was like okay lets see what kind of stuff I find about myself. When I googled my name I found a tons of people named Ricardo Esparza and none of those people were me. So then I put my high school name at the end and I just found my name in Max preps where it showed that I played soccer and football for my high school but I found no pictures. Then I googled my name and the city i live in Oxnard. I still didn’t find anything but I found my dads Facebook and the shop he use to own and I worked at. Nothing surprising and then I  googled all the user names for my social media accounts and I popped up.  It showed my old myspace page and it showed links to my friends profiles too. I think my myspace was private so it didn’t show that many pictures just my old profile picture on images. I also put my instagram username and it popped up and its public and nothing to hide. Its kind of scary though knowing people can just type in your name and something else like your city or school name and your information can pop up real quickly. Even if you have nothing to hide and don’t care who sees it, still to me is pretty uncomfortable. but then again it can be useful if your trying to do some research on that person , not in a stalking way though.


Hi my name is Ricardo Esparza. I am from Oxnard and a transfer student from Ventura College. My favorite things to do is eat, sleep, watch movies, drink ,hang out with my friends, and go explore new places.I am a sociology major still thinking on what kind of job i can get.  I like to work on car audio and making the music in the car sound louder as possible. When I was a kid I used to see my uncles and dad blast music from their cars and hear them from streets away my house, which made me want a car just so I can do the same.I also work right now in a stereo shop tinting cars and well working on car audio.  I love my brother and sisters and take them wherever they want. I spoil them like crazy.  I like Toppers Pizza, Oreo cookies,, shoes and hats.